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Underwriters UL Mark: Night Light 2 packs

UL is notifying consumers and retailers that the nightlight identified at the left and below bears a counterfeit UL Holographic Mark. The nightlight has not been evaluated by UL to the appropriate Standards for Safety and it is unknown if the nightlight c   (more...)
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Lenovo: 64GB microSDHC flash memory cards

Counterfeit products are replicas of real products, designed to take advantage of the superior value and reputation of the real product. Fake products are products that do not exist in the manufacturer's product line, but are represented as the authentic   (more...)
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Wenzhou Yongtai Electric Co: UL Mark - GFCI - Ground Fault AC Outlets

February 7, 2012 - UL is notifying consumers, retailers, manufacturers, regulatory agencies and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) that the GFCI identified below, manufactured by Wenzhou Yongtai Electric Co. Ltd., may not provide protection in the eve   (more...)
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FX Network TV: Sons of Anarchy Products

Various Sons of Anarchy goods offered for sale over the Internet included counterfeit t-shirts and goods using the Sons of Anarchy trademark without the permission of the Twentieth Century Fox Entertainment Group (Fox), the producer and exclusive owner of   (more...)
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Power Fist: UL Mark - 50 ft Work Lights

Consumers and retailers are being notified that the Power Fist 50ft work light string identified at the left and below bears a counterfeit UL Mark for the United States and Canada. The Power Fist 50ft work light string has not been evaluated by UL to t   (more...)
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Actavis: Phentermine HCl Tablets (generic)

November 1, 2011 - Actavis Elizabeth LLC is warning consumers and healthcare professionals that counterfeit Phentermine HCl Tablets (USP 37.5 mg) that contain fenfluramine, a dangerous ingredient, have been found in the United States. Phentermine is an a   (more...)

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