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Brother: Printer Toners

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Edited: May 10, 2017

Product Information:

All Brother printer supplies are designed as an entire printing system with Brother printing devices in mind. and to provide a superior degree of quality.

To ensure you purchased genuine Brother supplies, we updated the security label on our Brother ink and toner cartridge packaging for easy authentication.

The new Security Label will allow you to personally authenticate the product you purchased as a Brother branded Genuine ink cartridge or toner cartridge.

One of the problems for the print industry, which it is estimated loses up to $5bn a year due to counterfeit products, is that the customer can often not distinguish between a legitimate and fake product.

Chose one of three easy options to authenticate your ink or toner cartridge now:

1. Authenticate using a data matrix app on your mobile device and receive a real or fake response.

2. Authenticate using the ID number on the label.

3. Authenticate by matching the hologram characteristics identified below.


Fakes Reported By Our Users:

Our users have not reported any counterfeit products

Warnings / Hazards:

You may notice any significant variations in the performance of counterfeit products from previous experience or obvious defects in quality such as odor or leakage. Your printer may be severely damaged by counterfeit products.

Recommended Action:

We strongly encourage you to purchase imaging supplies from the OEM or one of their authorized resellers. This is the one best thing you can do to be sure you are buying genuine merchandise.

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Product Information:

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Printer Toners 

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How to Identify a Fake Product :
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Authenticate Brother toner products using your mobile device app on your mobile phone to check the data matrix on the hologram.

You will receive one of the following responses shown.

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Authenticate Brother products using the ID number on the Hologram label on the Brother website:

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Brother toner products can be authenticated by matching the hologram shown with the product.

The hologram has multi-angle text which changes direction.


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