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How to identify counterfeit Kenwood Radio Communications Products

Kenwood: Radio Communications Products

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Edited: Apr 21, 2017

Product Information:

To combat the growing numbers of counterfeit Kenwood radio communication products in South-East Asia market, Kenwood is addressing this problem by implementing a Counterfeit Label that allows user to differentiate genuine Kenwood Radio Communication Product from a Counterfeit product easily.

Besides the authenticate label, the label also feature a pin number which allows the consumer to verify whether the product is genuine under a system called TRACK GENUINE. Scratching off the Foil will reveal a pin number. This pin number can be authenticated using the Kenwood Website's TrackGeninue System.

Please note that this authentication service is only available for Kenwood Radio Communication Products, and limited to certain models in the following countries: Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam.


Fakes Reported By Our Users:
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eBay 2 Nov 18, 2015  
internet vendor 1 Jul 08, 2015  
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Warnings / Hazards:

Counterfeit Kenwood products are not covered by the Kenwood Warrant

Recommended Action:

Return counterfeit products to the place of purchase.

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Contact the Company:

PO Box 22745

Long Beach, CA 90801-5745

United States

(800) 536-9663


Product Information:

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Radio Communications Products 

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How to Identify a Fake Product :
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The label can be authenticated in the following ways
- UV light (invisible Ink)

- The logo "Kenwood" can be seen using the Ultra-Violet light

- Besides the authenticate label, the label also features a pin number

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Genuine Kenwood products have a "Continuous Image Security Feature."

The "GENUINE" text appears in colors which can be seen to change when the design is tilted left and right.

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TSL Seccon Gold Security Feature:

The TSL Seccon Continuous Image Security Feature can be seen by tilting the image, the letter "S" and "C" will be visible at alternative angles.

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The text "TRUSTSEAL" appears in the indicated background, which is 75 microns in height.


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