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How to identify counterfeit Jacques Selosse Champagnes

Jacques Selosse: Champagnes

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Edited: Apr 13, 2017

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According to the publications Fine Wine Insider and the Wine Spectator, thieves stole thousands of bottles of Champagne from the prized Champagne house Jacques Selosse.

At the same time, 16,000 front labels and 12,000 neck labels were stolen, along with 2,500 caps. Most certainly, the intention is to produce counterfeit bottles of the renowned Selosse Champagne.

The professionally executed haul netted the crooks about 4,000 bottles of Champagne, about $500,000 in all -- more than Selosse sells in the entire United States in a year. The theft will likely delay shipments to the US.

Selosse bottles "Substance," a blend of 20 vintages into a remarkable wine. Selosse also produces vintage Mill'sime, Brut Initial and Version Originale, as well as six single vineyard wines.

While the possible counterfeit products have yet to be reported or identified in the retail market, vigilance and caution is in order. A Solesse representative remarked "Our biggest concern for consumers is that bottles of this sort may be offered [for sale]." Solesse is "virtually the only one to to bottle Champagne with a glass that is almost black. It is much darker than traditional Champagne bottles" stated Florence Thunevin, a Solesse spokesperson.


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Buy from authorized retailers and if in doubt, contact Solesse for additional information.

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Jacques Selosse 

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Solesse is virtually the only one to to bottle Champagne with a glass that is almost black.

It is much darker than traditional Champagne bottles.

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Here, the almost black authentic Solesse bottle is compared to the more common green Champagne bottle.

(Authentic Nicholas Feuillatte Champagne used for illustrative purposes only)


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