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How to identify counterfeit US Treasury 1937-D Buffalo Nickel

US Treasury: 1937-D Buffalo Nickel

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Edited: May 11, 2017

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Chinese counterfeiters are minting counterfeit coins. While an authentic coin could be worth over $100,000, you can get a counterfeit for under $2.

In 1937, an inexperienced Denver Mint employee improperly used an abrasive stick in an attempt to remove clash marks from a Buffalo nickel reverse die. In the grinding process, the bison's foreleg was removed, and coining was then resumed with the "repaired" die. Before inspectors realized the goof, a small quantity of "3-legged" nickels escaped into circulation.

From that moment to this very day, the 1937-D 3-legged variety has been one of the most desired Buffalo nickels, with a legacy of solid price advancements to prove it. Buff collectors needn't fear overpricing, though, because if held long term, the 1937-D 3-legged variety has always moved higher and higher. Purchase only from a reputable source... many fakes exist.

Values from $660 to over $100,000 depending on condition.
(source: US Coin Values Advisor)

Genuine coins are struck (stamped out) by special machinery. Most counterfeit coins are made by pouring liquid metal into molds or dies. This procedure often leaves die marks, such as cracks or pimples of metal on the counterfeit coin.

Today counterfeit coins are made primarily to simulate rare coins which are of value to collectors. Sometimes this is done by altering genuine coins to increase their numismatic value. The most common changes are the removal, addition or alteration of the coin's date or mint marks.

If you suspect you are in possession of a counterfeit or altered coin, compare it with a genuine one of the same value.


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Buy from reputable coin dealers.

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Product Information:
US Treasury 

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1937-D Buffalo Nickel 

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1937-D Nickel 
How to Identify a Fake Product :
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Just $1.90 will get you a 1937-D 3 Legged Buffalo Nickel on a China website. What would an unsuspecting and uninformed buyer pay for this if it were listed on eBay?

Counterfeiting US coins is a crime.

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A genuine 1937-D 3-Legged Buffalo Nickel could fetch upwards of $100,000. But, this counterfeit is available on a Chinese website for under two bucks.

Buyer beware.


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