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Edited: Apr 23, 2017

Product Information:

While this chainsaw has the authentic looking "YAMAHA" branding and the Yamaha style font, it is a fake.

Yamaha does not make a chainsaw, and this is not in the Yamaha product line. You are risking your safety and your life when you use untested and unproven power tools sold by counterfeiters.


Fakes Reported By Our Users:

Our users have not reported any counterfeit products

Warnings / Hazards:

You are risking your life and your safety when you purchase and use counterfeit and fake product.

Yamaha does not warranty fake and counterfeit products.

Recommended Action:

The company has not provided a recommended action

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6600 Orangethorpe Ave.

Buena Park, CA 90620

United States

(714) 522-9235


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How to Identify a Fake Product :
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Offered by a China internet vendor, this chainsaw has the authentic looking "YAMAHA" branding on the saw, and on the product box.

It is not a Yamaha product. Yamaha does not offer a chainsaw in their product line.

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Don't be deceived by a retail box with official looking manufacturer's branding. This "YAMAHA" branded chainsaw box is a fake.

It is not a product in the Yamaha product line.

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What quality would you expect from a $78 chainsaw offered by a China internet vendor. This fake wears the trademarked "YAMAHA" brand.

Is you safety and your life worth buying fake power tools?

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These are the parts offered with the fake "YAMAHA" branded chainsaw.


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