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How to identify counterfeit Buck Doug Hartsook Knives

Buck: Doug Hartsook Knives

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Edited: Apr 02, 2017

Product Information:

Extremely lightweight, compact and easily accessible. This ultra-slim, compact, fixed-blade knife features top quality S30V stainless steel in low-profile Black Oxide.

It is designed for wearing primarily around the neck for easy access.

Counterfeiters profit by creating and selling deceptive branded products, often to unsuspecting consumers. While the companies that sell well-known branded products are the obvious and direct victims of counterfeiting, this illicit activity also poses a real threat to the livelihoods and lives of workers and consumers and is directly supporting criminals.

You risk receiving a counterfeit product when you purchase from e-commerce websites including eBay, Alibaba and Amazon. When in doubt, take your product to an authorized retailer and compare it to an authentic item.


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Warnings / Hazards:

Counterfeit Buck products are not covered by the Buck warranty.

Recommended Action:

If you purchased a counterfeit from an e-commerce website (including eBay, Amazon, AliExpress) keep the counterfeit product as proof for your dispute, the manufacturer or authorities. If returned, the seller will claim it is not counterfeit, or re-sell it to another unsuspecting consumer. Contact your credit-card company and dispute the charges -- you have the counterfeit product as proof. Leave negative "Counterfeit" feedback for the seller.

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Product Information:

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Doug Hartsook Knives 

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How to Identify a Fake Product :
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This is the authentic Buck / Doug Hartsook knife with a Black Oxide blade.

Counterfeit products are often listed on eBay and sold to unsuspecting buyers as "genuine" or "100% authentic" items at prices close to retail.

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Selling on eBay for $4 to $28.00, this counterfeit Buck Doug Hartsook can be found on China websites for just $2.83.

Counterfeit products damage the manufacturer's brand and reputation, and do not have a warranty.

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An easy way to spot a counterfeit is to compare it with an authentic product.

There are several features on this counterfeit Hartsook Knife that make it easy to spot.

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Compare the authentic Buck / Hartsook knife with the counterfeit.

Unsuspecting buyers will pay prices close to retail, but receive a poor quality fake.

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While you may not be able to identify an authentic Buck Doug Hartsook Knife from a listing photo, it may be possible to identify a fake.

To ensure you receive an authentic product with a warranty, always buy from authorized Buck retailers.


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