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How to identify counterfeit Police Memorabilia ID and Badges

Police Memorabilia: ID and Badges

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Edited: Apr 20, 2017

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I get asked about these a lot. You can never be too sure when a badge is presented, and counterfeit NYPD badges are all over.

The badge shown at the left is a counterfeit. It is actually a copy of the movie badge used in the Die Hard Movie by the character John McClane (Actor Bruce Willis).

A real NYPD police Detective badge is gold plated and the bearer will usually have their real ID card to go with it.

The fakes are available on the internet for about 50 bucks with cheap brass plating and lack the detail of the authentic badge.

I would be happy to post additional information from the "real cops" out there. The Counterfeit Report says they will forward information to me, and publish authenticated information.

And by the way, thank-you all for the great job you do for all of us.

The Collector.


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If you caught with a fake, it probably means you're doing something you shouldn't be doing.

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Stay away from fakes.

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Police Memorabilia 

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ID and Badges 

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This is a real NYPD badge. Note the detail, and fine "dimples" in the recessed areas. The badge is gold plated.

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This is the fake "Die Hard" badge. Number 881 is an immediate giveaway, as is the dull brass plating and lack of detail. But if you don't look closely, you could be easily fooled.


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