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How to identify counterfeit Lenovo 64GB microSDHC flash memory cards

Lenovo: 64GB microSDHC flash memory cards

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Edited: Apr 20, 2017

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Counterfeit products are replicas of real products, designed to take advantage of the superior value and reputation of the real product. Fake products are products that do not exist in the manufacturer's product line, but are represented as the authentic branded product.

Fake Lenovo microSDHC memory cards are being offered for sale on eBay and China's AliExpress. Quite simply, the 64GB microSDHC flash memory cards does not exist in the Lenovo product line -- it is a fake.

You can not determine the actual memory capacity of a counterfeit memory card by simply viewing the capacity displayed by your computer, phone or camera. Counterfeiters fraudulently overwrite the cards internal memory with a false capacity which will display a false capacity on your device. Actual memory must be checked with a test program.

To check if your microSD card has the capacity and speed stated, "H2testw" is a simple tool that is distributed for free, and offers a very simple, easy-to-use interface. The program can be used by anyone who wants to know how their actual product compares to others, the real capacity and the amount of errors that can be detected on the product.

The Secure Digital "SD" standard is maintained by the SD Association (SDA). The Secure Digital format includes four card families; the original Standard-Capacity (SDSC), the High-Capacity (SDHC), the eXtended-Capacity (SDXC), and the SDIO. The cards are available in three form factors; original, mini size, and micro size.

It is not unusual to find counterfeit trademarked and generic cards with memory substantially below what is printed on the card. If you don't check your purchase, you may lose content or damage your equipment.

The Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) format is defined in version 2.0 of the SD specification, and supports cards with capacities up to 32 GB.


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Warnings / Hazards:

Loss of valuable data or damage to your equipment. There is no SanDisk warranty on counterfeit products.

Recommended Action:

To make sure you're getting the real thing, always purchase your memory cards from reputable authorized dealers.

If you purchased a counterfeit from an e-commerce website (including eBay, Amazon, AliExpress) keep the counterfeit product as proof for your dispute, the manufacturer or authorities. If returned, the seller will claim it is not counterfeit, or re-sell it to another unsuspecting consumer. Contact your credit-card company and dispute the charges -- you have the counterfeit product as proof. Leave negative "Counterfeit" feedback for the seller.

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Product Information:

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64GB microSDHC flash memory cards 

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64GB microSDHC 
How to Identify a Fake Product :
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Don't be fooled by a fake.

There is no such product as a Lenovo 64GB microSDHC flash memory card in the Lenovo product line. It is a fake.

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eBay listings such as this listing for fake Lenovo 64GB microSDHC memory entice buyers to purchase fake items, bearing legitimate manufacturer's trademarks, often at bargain prices.

Counterfeit products may damage equipment and destroy data.

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Alibaba subsidiary AliExpress offers fake Lenovo 64GB microSDHC memory to unsuspecting consumers.

The fake item bears the legitimate manufacturer's trademark but does not exist in the manufacturers product line.


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