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How to identify counterfeit Lenovo Y1011 Tablets

Lenovo: Y1011 Tablets

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Edited: May 03, 2016

Product Information:

Counterfeit products are replicas of the real products, designed to take advantage of the superior value and reputation of the real product. Fake products are products that do not exist in the manufacturer's product line, but are represented as the authentic branded product.

Unlike genuine products, counterfeit products and accessories may not meet government and industry safety standards.

Consumers have reported that a Lenovo Tablet Model Y1011 is being sold on the internet. Lenovo has confirmed that this product does NOT exist in the Lenovo product line -- it is a fake.

Consumers should be wary of purchasing Lenovo products from unauthorized retailers and internet vendors. Often poor quality counterfeit products are substituted for the listed products under the guise of being "the China version" of the product. Genuine products, as shown above left, clearly identify the manufacturer, model and serial number -- but the fakes shown below do not. 


Fakes Reported By Our Users:
seller or source reports last updated
Alibaba/AliExpress 8 May 02, 2015  
retail store 1 Dec 25, 2015  
Other 1 Mar 25, 2014  
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Warnings / Hazards:

Substandard fakes infringe on the copyright and appear to be legitimate competition to genuine models, but they are often produced without government approval, testing or certification and can quickly break down with potentially dangerous consequences.

There is no warranty on counterfeit products.

Recommended Action:

Consumers should always buy authentic products directly from the manufacturer or sold by authorized retailers.

Return counterfeit products to the place of purchase.

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Product Information:

Model Name:
Y1011 Tablets 

Model Number:
How to Identify a Fake Product :
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Lenovo is proud of its brand and reputation.

Authentic Lenovo products will be clearly labeled with the trademarked Lenovo brand.

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Advertised on a China website as a Lenovo 9.7" Y1011 tablet - this tablet has no Lenovo branding.

Always check the manufacturer's website for authentic model photos and specifications.

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Be wary of any product that is lacking the manufacturer's brand. Legitimate manufacturer's are proud of their products and brand, and will prominently display it.

This tablet, advertised as a Lenovo 9" Y1011 tablet lacks the Lenovo branding.

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This tablet advertised on a China website advertises a Lenovo Y1011 9" tablet, a product that does not exist in the Lenovo product line. It is a fake.


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