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How to identify counterfeit Levis Vintage 1947 Jeans

Levis: Vintage 1947 Jeans

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Edited: May 07, 2017

Product Information:

When World War II ended and raw materials were available again, Levi Strauss & Co. leaped back into heavy production to meet the growing post-war demand. Slimmer fitting, with no extra details like the cinch or suspender buttons, this was a jean that was ready to rock and roll.

The watch pocket rivets came back after their wartime hiatus and the Arcuate was stitched on the back pockets again, after being applied with paint throughout the war. But it came back in a different form: thanks to new, double needle technology, the famed double arching stitch was now uniform in size and design, no longer subject to the skill of the individual sewing machine operator and her single needle machine.

The Red Tab with its capital "E" had never gone away, thanks to its status as a trademark. The red selvage, 12oz. Cone Mills denim was still the bedrock of the jean, as it had been for nearly two decades. By the end of the 1940s Levi's Jeans were aimed at the new, emerging middle class. The 1947 501 Jean was the jean of a new generation.


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Recommended Action:

To ensure you are receiving authentic Levi's Jeans, buy your Levi's Jeans from authorized Levi's retailers.

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1155 Battery Street

San Francisco, CA 94111

United States

(415) 501-6000


Product Information:

Model Name:
Vintage 1947 Jeans 

Model Number:
Vintage 19457 501 
How to Identify a Fake Product :
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Authentic Levi's Vintage 1947 Jeans can be purchased from authorized Levi's retailers.

When you buy a counterfeit, you receive a poor quality imitation lacking the Levi's quality, features and fit.

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The authentic Levi's Vintage 1947 jean has several easily identifiable features that will distinguish it from a counterfeit.

Don't be fooled by a fake, buy authentic Levi's from authorized retailers.

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These counterfeit Levi's Vintage 1947 jeans are sold on a China website for $29.

Manufactured to deceive you, they may be re-listed on eBay and sold to unsuspecting consumers at close to retail prices. Don't be fooled by a fake.

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These counterfeit Levi's Vintage 1947 jeans are labeled "Straight Leg Button Fly" but have a zipper. Notice the closure button hole was never cut open - both are indicators that these jeans are counterfeit.

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The differences in the authentic Levi's 1947 "Two Horse" leather patch and the counterfeit jeans 1947 patch (which is missing the waist and inseam measurements) should tell you -- you are buying a fake.

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The authentic Levi's 1947 Vintage jean has a distinct trademarked "Levis Big E" red tag (not the common lowercase "e").

A simple safety pin test will tell you the rivet is in fact, not there on these counterfeit 1947 jeans.


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