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Ferrari: Replica Sports Cars

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Edited: Mar 19, 2017

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Counterfeit production knows no boundaries and turning old cars into Ferrari replicas was not uncommon until Ferrari sued to put a stop to it says The Wall Street Journals David Roman. "Ferraris" were built on the chassis of battered old Toyotas using fiberglass and manufactured parts." Customers knew that of course, but were willing to overlook that fact to purchase the replicas at a quarter of the authentic items price.

Spanish police who raided two warehouses seizing 17 replica Ferraris and two replica Aston Martins. Now Spanish courts will decide the fate of what industrial property experts call one of the biggest car counterfeiting ventures on record, a case that could help define the legal boundaries of the shadowy world of replica cars.

A U.S. District Court judge ruled against a California company which was the target of a copyright and trademark lawsuit brought by Warner Bros. The judge ruled that one can't simply manufacture Batmobiles as depicted in Batman movies, without the consent of Warner Bros.

Germany customs agents in 2012 confiscated a locally made replica of a Mercedes-Benz 300SL sports car, at the request of the car's manufacturer, Daimler AG. After a German court ruled in Daimler's favor,

While there is little doubt owners recognize they own a replica -- the registration will clearly show the actual base model car -- it illustrates the extent of counterfeiting and an owners thirst to "wear artificial wealth."


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Choose your vehicles wisely. Old cars have old car problems.

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Replica Sports Cars 

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This beautiful Ferrari 458 displays the Ferrari engineering that won the Speciale Super Car of the Year - 2013.

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Elegant craftsmanship, distinct styling and attention to detail and function define an authentic Ferrari.

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This replica 430 built on a used car chassis is advertised for about $40,000 -- a fraction of the authentic Ferrari's price.

While owners should know they are purchasing a replica, one might ask themselves, why?


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