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Edited: Mar 28, 2017

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If you have searched online for Frye products, then you may already have been exposed to the many sites that are currently advertising counterfeit Frye products using such phrases as "Frye boots clearance," "Frye boots sale," "Frye boots outlet" and "discount Frye." The official Frye website lists dozens of websites selling counterfeit Frye boots.

While these websites may use the Frye brand name and have the look and feel of Frye's main website -- and,

they are illegal sites and any Frye product that they offer for sale is counterfeit. In some cases, these sites have dynamically pulled content from Frye's our main site, used various redirects, claimed 40% discounts and one even claimed "(c)2012, Inc. All rights reserved."

While there are many variations of Frye boots, consumers need only to buy directly from Frye or authorized Frye retailers to get authentic Frye boots.


Fakes Reported By Our Users:
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Amazon 8 Jan 12, 2017  
eBay 7 Dec 10, 2016  
internet vendor 5 Feb 19, 2015  
retail store 4 Feb 26, 2017  
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Warnings / Hazards:

Counterfeit products are not Frye quality and do not have the Frye Warranty.

Recommended Action:

To assure you get authentic Frye quality and authentic Frye boots, but from Frye directly, or authorized Frye retailers.

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Contact the Company:

350 Fifth Ave., 9th Floor

New York, NY 10118

United States

(800) 826-3793


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The Frye Company 

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How to Identify a Fake Product :
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Can you identify a counterfeit Frye Engineer boot or packaging from an internet photo?

If you can't, you should be buying your Frye boots from authorized Frye retailers.

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Counterfeiters are very good at creating deceptive packaging and products to fool you into believing you are buying the authentic item.

Many counterfeits look similar, but lack the quality of the authentic product.

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Look closely at the differences between the real and counterfeit Health Skull Engineer boot.

Deceptively similar visually, consumers would be challenged to identify a counterfeit in an internet advertisement.

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When you see Frye boots advertised for just $60 in a variety of styles and colors, and free shipping from China - you should recognize a counterfeit.

Counterfeit products are often listed on eBay as "Authentic" and sold to unsuspecting buyers.

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Do you think you are going to buy a genuine pair of Frye women's harness boots for just $25?

This China website is offering just that, but you will receive a cheap counterfeit.


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