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How to identify counterfeit MAC Cosmetics (Mineralize Blush)

MAC: Cosmetics (Mineralize Blush)

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Edited: Apr 22, 2017

Product Information:

M-A-C Cosmetics takes great pride in producing the finest quality prestige makeup. Because of this, M-A-C vigorously pursues counterfeiting operations and the individuals responsible for the production, distribution and sale of counterfeit goods.

Many counterfeit goods visibly appear to be authentic M-A-C Cosmetics products but they are not. Customers might counterfeit encounter goods on the internet that visibly appear to be authentic M-A-C Cosmetics products, but they lack the superior quality, research and development time invested in all of M-A-C products.

M-A-C Cosmetics does not offer its products through individuals, street vendors, flea markets, internet auctions sites including eBay, independent boutiques or unauthorized online retailers. M-A-C does not sell its products at wholesale prices over the internet. Dishonest sellers list counterfeit products on eBay as "Authentic" or "100% Genuine" for sale to unsuspecting buyers.


Fakes Reported By Our Users:
seller or source reports last updated
AliExpress 3 Apr 11, 2014  
eBay 2 Dec 19, 2013  
Facebook 2 Aug 08, 2015  
retail store 1 Jul 28, 2016  
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Warnings / Hazards:

There is no guarantee of receiving M-A-C quality and ingredients when purchasing counterfeit M-A-C products.

Recommended Action:

Buy authentic M-A-C products from M-A-C directly or from authorized retailers. Please report counterfeit M-A-C products.

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Contact the Company:

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New York, NY 10012

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(800) 588-0070.


Product Information:

Model Name:
Cosmetics (Mineralize Blush) 

Model Number:
Mineralize Blush 
How to Identify a Fake Product :
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Could you identify this product as a counterfeit M-A-C Mineralize Blush?

If you bought this product, you bought a cheap counterfeit. Avoid fakes, buy from authorized M-A-C retailers.

Listing Image
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It would be very difficult for most consumers to identify this counterfeit M-A-C Mineralize Blush "Warm Soul" unless compared to the authentic product.

This is a $5 counterfeit from China designed to deceive consumers.

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Compare the back of the authentic and counterfeit M-A-C product. While visually very similar, there are distinct differences in the font, spacing and style.

These differences would be difficult to spot without comparing to a real product.

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Counterfeiters are very good at creating deceptive products and packaging.

Counterfeit products are often listed on eBay as "Authentic" or "100% Genuine" and sold to unsuspecting buyers.

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While deceptively similar, this counterfeit M-A-C Warm Soul Mineralize Blush is not the same color as the authentic product.

The authentic box is printed with the color name "Warm Soul" while this counterfeit has a applied sticker.

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Products offered online may appear to be authentic M-A-C products and display the trademarked M-A-C branding to deceive you, but there is no way to determine authenticity from an internet photo.

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This M-A-C Mineralize Blush is offered on a China website for just $5. The product received is counterfeit.

Dishonest sellers list counterfeit products on eBay as "Authentic" or "100% Genuine" for sale to unsuspecting buyers.


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