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How to identify counterfeit Gucci Gucci EDP Fragrances

Gucci: Gucci EDP Fragrances

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Edited: Mar 06, 2017

Product Information:

The fragrance for the accomplished and modern woman with a chypre floral fragrance, top note of guava and pear, heart note of Tahitian tiare flower, base notes of patchouli, musk, and honey.

Gucci by Gucci is a common counterfeit available on internet sites and eBay. Sold by China counterfeiters at a fraction of the cost of the authentic product, the counterfeit Gucci is listed on eBay as "100% Authentic" or "Genuine" and sold to unsuspecting buyers. The counterfeit product is not thew fragrance of the genuine item.

Are you in doubt your fragrance is authentic? Simply compare it to an authentic product at an authorized retailer.


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Warnings / Hazards:

Ingredients in counterfeit fragrances are unknown and untested.

Recommended Action:

Always buy from authorized Gucci retailers to ensure you are getting an authentic, safe product.

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Product Information:

Model Name:
Gucci EDP Fragrances 

Model Number:
Gucci EDP 75ml 
How to Identify a Fake Product :
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This is the authentic 75ml Gucci by Gucci eu de parfum.

While the authentic fragrance has not been copied, the packaging on its counterfeit counterpart is visually very similar.

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Counterfeit Gucci by Gucci EDP packaging is deceptively similar to the authentic product above.

Only when compared side-by-side would consumers spot the obvious color differences, different sheen of the banding and package embossing.

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The center banding of this counterfeit has a greenish tint and the silver ink is missing from the embossing of the right lower corner.

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The vaporizer cap on this counterfeit has noticeable mold seams.

Both the cap and bottle vaporizer neck are of poor finish.

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Counterfeiters are very good at creating very deceptive products and packaging specifically to deceive you.

Counterfeit products are often listed on eBay as "100% Authentic" or "Genuine" and sold to unsuspecting buyers.

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Could you identify this as a counterfeit Gucci by Gucci eu de parfum spray?

While the packaging looks authentic, has a colorful photo sleeve and displays the Gucci branding, it is a counterfeit.


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