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How to identify counterfeit Tropiway Fufu Flour Products

Tropiway: Fufu Flour Products

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Edited: Apr 22, 2017

Product Information:

Tropiway Fufu Flour products are so uniquely formulated and manufactured under strict U.S. government health code making them the consumer's favorite in all specialty food markets around the world.

As always the case, unfortunately, there are those unscrupulous counterfeiters who would try to deceive consumers by imitating our products and trade mark. As a consumer, don't allow yourself, a family member or a friend to be used as a GUINEA PIG by buying and consuming an imitation and UNPROVEN products made by some shameless CROOKS.

Remember, a counterfeiter is like a magician who has discovered some unique ways and means to create an illusion and deception in order to pocket your hard earned money.

The product is fake if:

* The box does not have "BEST BEFORE" printed on the top panel.

* The expiration date is a sticker.

* Box is slightly softer and deeply colored overall with a much deeper red highlight across the website and email section.


Fakes Reported By Our Users:

Our users have not reported any counterfeit products

Warnings / Hazards:

Buying and consuming counterfeit food products can be dangerous and potentially fatal.

Recommended Action:

if you have the counterfeit product, do not hesitate to take it to where you purchased it from and ask for your money back.

Recent News:

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Contact the Company:

P.O. Box 14

Clifton, SC 29324

United States

(864) 463-9223


Product Information:

Model Name:
Fufu Flour Products 

Model Number:
How to Identify a Fake Product :
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The counterfeit Tropiway product looks exactly like the real TROPIWAY PLANTAIN FUFU FLOUR, with the exception of the quality which was found to be very inferior and sub-standard.


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