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Edited: Apr 08, 2017

Product Information:

At Glen's, quality is our number one priority and we want our consumers to enjoy the authentic Glen's product. Counterfeiting is an issue that affects the whole spirits industry and we are working closely with all relevant agencies, including the FSA and trading standards, to tackle these isolated incidents relating to Glen's.

We have recently changed the labeling on bottles of Glen's Vodka to include embossing, which makes it more difficult for counterfeiters to copy the packaging on this product."

Be warned, fake Glen's Vodka has been found to contain 52 per cent strength alcohol despite the counterfeit labels' claim of 37 per cent. A group was arrested who tried to flood the market with sub-standard fake vodka branded as Glen's from their own bottling plant.

Revenue & Customs Officers seized 9,000 bottles of fake Glen's Vodka, along with manufacturing equipment at an industrial unit near Great Dalby, Leicestershire. Additional bottles were seized from shops in Salford, London and South Wales.

Authentic Glen's Vodka is one of a number of low-priced brands of Vodka produced in Britain. It can be found at many drink retailers, ranging from large supermarket chains to independent local off-licence vendors. It is most commonly offered for sale in 200 ml, 350 ml 700 ml and 1 Liter bottles. A 50 ml "miniature" is also available.

Drinkers are warned about fake Vodka containing toxins, including chemicals used to make anti-freeze, that could cause liver damage and blindness. Seized counterfeit Vodka bottles in the UK have been tested and revealed alarming levels of methanol -- a key ingredient used to make anti-freeze with the potential to blind a person.

Always buy from a trusted source, and enjoy the quality Glen's provides in our authentic product.


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Warnings / Hazards:

Counterfeit alcoholic beverages have been found to contain an industrial solvent Propan-2-ol, toxins, methanol, denatured alcohol, and chemicals used to make anti-freeze that could cause liver damage and blindness.

Recommended Action:

The company has not provided a recommended action

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Contact the Company:

Loch Lomond

Lomond Estate

G83 OTL Alexandria,

United Kingdom

(+44(0)) 1389 752 781


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How to Identify a Fake Product :
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Could you identify which of these two bottles is a counterfeit.

The ingredients in counterfeit alcoholic products can cause liver damage, blindness or even kill you.

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Counterfeit Glen's Vodka seized by HM Revenue and Customs.

Counterfeiters are very good at creating very deceptive packaging to fool you. Buy from authorized retailers.

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Confusingly similar branded bottle caps on counterfeit Glen's Vodka may look authentic, but the product shown here is counterfeit.

Ingredients in counterfeit products are unknown and may be very hazardous to your health.

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A Glen's Vodka counterfeiting operation shut down by HM Revenue and Customs.

Deceptively packaged counterfeit products are sold to unsuspecting consumers.


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