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How to identify counterfeit Dr. Dre Beats Pro Headphones

Dr. Dre: Beats Pro Headphones

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Edited: Oct 17, 2014

Product Information:

Beats Pro

The headphones used to mix in every major studio, Beats Pro headphones are designed for sound engineers, musicians, and those who take sound seriously. They're the headphones that artists like use in the studio, and are designed to deliver the same level of emotion and power the artist originally intended. MSRP $399-$449

Beats Pro are made of steel and aluminum, giving you an interior sound platform more solid than most. That's why you'll feel the kind of bass that resonates deep in your chest when you play your music.

Before you buy, make sure the Beats by Dr. Dre products you're purchasing are the real thing. Fake Beats products aren't protected by Beats warranty and will often break soon after purchase. Any cheap, faded, damaged packaging, labeling, strange markings or misspelled words are all sure signs of counterfeits.

If you want authentic Beats quality, buy your Beats headphones from authorized Beats retailers. Counterfeit products are of inferior quality and counterfeiters are just making something that steals consumer's money -- the product doesn't sound right, won't be durable and may not be safe. 


Fakes Reported By Our Users:

Our users have not reported any counterfeit products

Warnings / Hazards:

Only authentic Beats purchased from an authorized Beats dealer are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of original retail purchase.

Recommended Action:

Purchase your Beats from an authorized Beats dealer.

If you purchased from an e-commerce website (including eBay, Amazon, AliExpress) keep the counterfeit product as proof for your dispute, the manufacturer or authorities. If returned, the seller will claim it is not counterfeit, or re-sell it to another unsuspecting consumer. Contact you credit-card company and dispute the charges -- you have the counterfeit product as proof. Leave negative "Counterfeit" feedback for the seller.

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Product Information:
Dr. Dre 

Model Name:
Beats Pro Headphones 

Model Number:
Beats pro 
How to Identify a Fake Product :
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Beats Pro headphones are designed for sound engineers, musicians, and those who take sound seriously.

Counterfeits may look almost visually identical, but are not Beats quality and do not have a Beats warranty.

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The counterfeit Beats Pro headphone are packaged in a almost visually identical box and shrink wrapped to deceive consumers.

Purchased from a China website for $60, they are counterfeit. Not Beats quality, and no warranty.

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This counterfeit Chinese knockoff of the Dr. Dre Pro is available on the internet for $39.00 - complete with Dr. Dre branding and available in 4 colors. Although similar in appearance, it is distinguishable by poor workmanship and the wrong connectors.

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Authentic Beats Pro on ear headphones with 4.2mm coiled cable with 3.5mm twist lock plug and a 1/4" audio adapter.

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Connectors on the counterfeit Beats Pros's may look like this. They are not the metal and black twist lock plugs found on the authentic Beats Pro's.

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However, these replaceable connectors found on eBay can quickly make a the wrong connectors on counterfeit Beats pro's look like authentic Beats pro's.

Buyer beware - the counterfeiters want your money.

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Compare the $39.00 fake to the authentic Beats pro. Even with branding (cleverly?) hidden on the counterfeit headphones, the differences on this cheap pair are obvious.


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