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How to identify counterfeit The North Face Denali Jackets

The North Face: Denali Jackets

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Updated: Dec 26, 2013

Product Information:

The North face Denali Jacket is a highly counterfeited North Face Product. If you choose to buy from an unauthorized dealer, you assume the likelihood of getting a counterfeit product.

You cannot determine an authentic Denali Jacket from a stock (catalog) or internet photo, but you can sometimes spot a fake if the seller uses an actual photo.

Do not buy any product from a stock photo image. Always demand the photo of the actual item, including tags. The real jacket tag comes with 3 tags. Make sure that the tag reads "The North Face Denali Jacket" and not just the model or "Five Boroughs."

Crafty counterfeit sellers are stealing the tags from authentic jackets and attaching them to the fake product. 


Reports From Our Users:
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Amazon 1 Dec 05, 2013  
eBay 5 Apr 23, 2014  
Facebook 4 Feb 22, 2014  
retail store 2 Feb 02, 2014  
swap meet 2 Jan 08, 2014  
Other 14 Feb 18, 2014  
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Warnings / Hazards:

Counterfeit products are not covered by The North Face warranty.

Recommended Action:

If you want to be assured of a quality product, buy from authorized The North Face sellers.

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Product Information:
The North Face 

Model Name:
Denali Jackets 

Model Number:
How to Identify a Fake Product :
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Can you spot a fake Denali jacket from these two internet photos? The one on the right is advertised on the internet for $29 and is counterfeit.

The logo on the counterfeit product is positioned wrong and does not match the authentic North face logo.

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Compare the embroidered labels on the real and fake Denali Jackets.

The counterfeit logo is sloppy and uneven.

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The tag on this North Face Denali incorrectly reads "MIDDLE" instead of size "MEDIUM."

Details, including misspellings are often an immediate indication of a counterfeit.

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The tag on this North Face Denali incorrectly reads "MISSLE" instead of size "MEDIUM."

If this level of care went into the tag, what would you think the quality of the jacket is?

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Counterfeit North Face Denali Jackets offered on a China website for just $39.00 with free shipping to the USA -- less than half the price of the authentic item.

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Would you suspect this Jacket from the ad above, bearing the trademarked North Face label and embroidery is a counterfeit?

Counterfeit products are listed on eBay as genuine or 100% authentic and sold to unsuspecting buyers at near retail prices.

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While displaying trademarked The North Face branding, this counterfeit jacket advertised on a China website for just $48 with a choice of different logos. It is a counterfeit.


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