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How to identify counterfeit Columbia Sportswear Jackets

Columbia Sportswear: Jackets

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Edited: Apr 20, 2017

Product Information:

Columbia Sportswear Company is a leading innovator in global outdoor apparel, footwear, accessories and equipment markets. When the Columbia name and trademark is used on a product, Columbia is telling outdoor enthusiasts the product they buy will live up to the quality and performance standards they have come to expect from Columbia Sportswear.

Along with success comes counterfeits, and Columbia Sportswear is no exception. Their products are frequently and openly counterfeited.

On just one China website, there are dozens of counterfeit Columbia Sportswear jackets, openly advertised as "fake Columbia Jackets" and "replica Columbia Jackets" with quantity discounts starting at 50 units, and in dozens of styles and colors. The counterfeit jackets had retail tags and displayed the Columbia trademark. These counterfeit jackets find their way to global marketplace websites and auction websites such as eBay, and by extension, unsuspecting buyers.


Fakes Reported By Our Users:
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eBay 3 Nov 05, 2014  
internet vendor 1 Jan 02, 2013  
retail store 2 Sep 11, 2016  
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Warnings / Hazards:

The "waterproof breathable" "Columbia" jacket you see for sale on a website may look real, but you are likely to notice a big difference the first time you wear it in the rain!

At best, counterfeit workmanship and materials are sub-standard; at worst they can be dangerous. Many types of adhesives, metals and other substances are not intended for use with consumer products, but consumer safety is far from the minds of counterfeiters who simply make lookalike products at minimal cost.

Recommended Action:

Buy from authorized Columbia Sportswear dealers where you can inspect the product before you purchase, and return it if there are any problems.

You can also report counterfeit Columbia products at:

[email protected]

Recent News:

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Contact the Company:

14375 Northwest Science Park Drive

Portland, OR 97229

United States

(800) 622-6953

[email protected]  

Product Information:
Columbia Sportswear 

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How to Identify a Fake Product :
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Counterfeit Columbia Sportswear products blatantly advertised on a China website as fake or replica.

The counterfeit products are available in bulk lots and dozens of styles and colors for worldwide distribution.

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Compare the real and fake Columbia clothing tag.

The authentic Columbia logo has a radius corner, the fake logo has square corners.

A different font is used on the fake tag, and the "C" in Columbia has flags.

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Manufactured in China this counterfeit Columbia Sportswear mens jacket displays the Columbia branding on the wrong side and uneven zippers.

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This ad by a manufacturer of counterfeit Columbia Sportswear jackets displays the Columbia trademark in the ad, and on the jacket tag to deceive the buyer into believing they are buying an authentic Columbia Jacket.

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Ready for retail sale, this counterfeit Columbia Sportswear jacket has the Columbia trademark and retail tags.

Could you identify this as a fake product?

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Columbia cannot authenticate products for you, and recommends you avoid websites that advertise discounts, auction and marketplace websites such as eBay.

Authorized Columbia retailers are not permitted to sell Columbia products on these sites.


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