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How to identify counterfeit Victoria's Secret Pink Clothing

Victoria's Secret: Pink Clothing

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Edited: Apr 24, 2017

Product Information:

The number of counterfeit Victoria's Secret PINK items on eBay and the internet is growing rapidly.

Buyers are purchasing these counterfeit PINK products without knowing they are cheap knockoffs and they aren't authentic.

Many items do NOT represent items or colors in the PINK fashion line, yet unsuspecting buyers pay a price believing they are receiving an authentic, quality PINK item. For example; S.S. LOVE PINK sweats were only released in Ahoy Blue, Ahoy White, and Ahoy Green, yet they appear on eBay in many other colors not in Victoria Secret PINK product line. The PINK branding is displayed down the side of the leg and there are little flags on the hip with the words "S.S. LOVE PINK" on the authentic sweats.

The best way to avoid being scammed by fake PINK vendors is to buy directly from Victoria's Secret online or local retailers.

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Warnings / Hazards:

Counterfeit Victoria Secret PINK brand products are not covered by Victoria Secret warranty.

Recommended Action:

Buy from authorized Victoria's Secret dealers and retail stores.

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United States

(800) 411-5116


Product Information:
Victoria's Secret 

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Pink Clothing 

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How to Identify a Fake Product :
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Counterfeit PINK products may not match the style or color of authentic PINK clothing, or even match an item in the companies product line.

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Counterfeiters often produce a clothing item and then brand it with a popular fashion trademark, in this case PINK trademark branding.


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