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How to identify counterfeit Icom IC-V87 Transceiver Radio

Icom: IC-V87 Transceiver Radio

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Edited: Mar 27, 2017

Product Information:

The Icom V87 Radio shown at the left and below is a fake Icom product. This product is not made by Icom and does not exist in Icom's product range.

Counterfeit products have become a serious concern for Icom. Icom continues to fight against counterfeits.

Counterfeit products are hurting not only Icom's business, but also authorized dealers and distributors, and above all, users are the number one victim. Counterfeit products are often sold at very low price, but of inferior quality and performance.

It is difficult to identify counterfeit products in the market because some of them look almost identical to genuine ICOM products.


Fakes Reported By Our Users:
seller or source reports last updated
AliExpress 4 Mar 19, 2014  
eBay 3 Feb 27, 2014  
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Warnings / Hazards:

Using fake transceivers, battery packs and chargers may even cause safety problems including the risk of fire hazards.

Recommended Action:

Genuine Icom products should be purchased from Icom authorized dealers and distributors. Please be advised that Icom is not responsible, will not be liable for any damage or loss resulting from the use of counterfeit products and will not provide any technical support of counterfeit products.

If you find a product that you may suspect is counterfeit, please report it to ICOM world support center.

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Contact the Company:

2380 116th Ave NE

Bellvue, WA 98004

United States

(800) 872-4266

[email protected]  

Product Information:

Model Name:
IC-V87 Transceiver Radio 

Model Number:
How to Identify a Fake Product :
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The counterfeit iCom IC-V87 comes in the fake Icom box shown.

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The counterfeit iCom IC-V87 box bears a authentic looking bar-code label and serial number, but is a counterfeit product.

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Professional looking packaging makes this counterfeit iCom IC-V87 appear to be an authentic product. Icom does not manufacture a IC-V87 radio.

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Front view of the counterfeit iCom IC-V87.

This fake model is not in iCom's product range and not manufactured by iCom.

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Rear view of the counterfeit iCom IC-V87. A model not manufactured by iCom.

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A counterfeit charger is included with the iCom IC-V87.

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An authentic looking iCom IC-V87 instruction manual accompanies the counterfeit product.


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