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How to identify counterfeit Ergobaby Organic Baby Carriers

Ergobaby: Organic Baby Carriers

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Edited: Apr 21, 2017

Product Information:

Our goal is to help you to be aware of how to avoid purchasing counterfeit Ergobaby Carriers and products that are being sold to unsuspecting buyers as genuine Ergobaby products. Ergobaby wants all babies and toddlers to be carried safely, and for you to have the quality products you intend to and deserve. Purchasing genuine Ergobaby products is the best for you and your baby.

Beware of products that seem flimsy or are obviously poorly made. Ergobaby takes great pride in providing the highest quality Ergobaby products. Quality control is often absent in counterfeiting operations, so you may be able to spot a counterfeit simply based on its workmanship.

Match the packaging to the product. Does the packaging exactly match the product? Some careless counterfeiters will not provide the proper product aligned with the box. It may not be this obvious - check model numbers on the packaging against the model number of the Carrier.

Inspect the packaging carefully. Ergobaby takes great care in packaging their products. Counterfeiters often don't want to spend the time to reproduce every detail, so they'll likely leave some of this detail off. Beware flimsy packaging, packaging with substandard printing or running colors, or packages that appear to have been opened. In addition, take a moment to actually read the package. Spelling or grammatical errors are common on the packaging for counterfeit goods. Ergobaby product labels and boxes have significant information printed on them, from bar codes to trademark and patent information to recycling symbols.


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Warnings / Hazards:

When it comes to baby carriers or any other product, especially those claiming to be baby products, counterfeits could seriously endanger your baby or your health with inferior materials and workmanship.

Recommended Action:

Purchase only from authorized retailers, both online and in-store. To ensure you purchase only genuine Ergobaby products, please remember that Ergobaby maintains an official distribution network of Authorized Retailers and Authorized Online Retailers on their website.

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Product Information:

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Organic Baby Carriers 

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How to Identify a Fake Product :
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Ergobaby Organic carrier label on an authentic carrier. Not the matching stitching, a detail often missing on counterfeit carriers.

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This counterfeit Ergobaby Organic carrier has a misaligned two-tone label with the "E" cut off.

Contrasting white stitching (although hard to see in the photo) is also an indication of a fake carrier.

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Zippers on the authentic Ergobaby Organic carrier bear the Ergobaby logo.

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You are not buying authentic Ergobaby quality when you buy a counterfeit. Poor quality parts such as this strap buckle my fail and cause serious injury.

Buy authentic Ergobaby carriers from authorized retailers.


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