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How to identify counterfeit Titleist AP2 Irons

Titleist: AP2 Irons

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Edited: Apr 12, 2017

Product Information:

US Golf Equipment manufacturers estimate that there are 2 million counterfeit golf clubs produced each year.

Titleist AP2 irons are some of the most copied clubs on the market today. Acushnet Company vigorously protects its intellectual property.

To combat this threat, Acushnet is launching a worldwide security label program as the next step in the fight against counterfeit product in the marketplace.The security label has robust security features including a truly unique feature that requires the product to be in hand to be authenticated.

The security label will be located on all Titleist clubs, starting with the launch of the 910 metalwoods in the Fall of 2010. Following the launch of the 910 product, all new Vokey wedges, Scotty Cameron putters, and Titleist irons will feature the label. The security label will not be applied to SureFit fitting clubs, replacement shafts or limited edition Scotty Cameron Circle T putters.

If you believe you have purchased counterfeit product, or need tips to avoid purchasing counterfeit product, please see the below information. We hope you find this information useful. If you do not find the information you are looking for below, please contact;

[email protected]

Please be assured that we investigate all leads in this type of illegal activity and will take appropriate action against the sellers. (photo US Customs)


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Warnings / Hazards:

Counterfeit products are not covered by Titleist warranty.

Authorized Titleist accounts are not permitted to sell new Titleist products on Internet auction websites. When you make purchases in these unauthorized locations, there is a much greater chance that the products offered are counterfeit.

Recommended Action:

To ensure that you purchase authentic Titleist product, always buy from an authorized Titleist retailer.

Our products are primarily sold at golf courses, off course golf specialty shops and certain sporting goods stores.

Authentic Titleist products should not be sold at flea markets.

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Contact the Company:

333 Bridge Street

Fairhaven, MA 02719

United States

(800) 225-8500


Product Information:

Model Name:
AP2 Irons 

Model Number:
How to Identify a Fake Product :
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Look for a serial number on the AP2 6 iron's hosel.

All irons in a custom set will have a serial number.

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The security label is located on the shaft, just below the grip.

There is a color shifting block at the end of the label that reads "USGMC JGGA." The block changes from copper to green when rotated.

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Each label will feature a unique serialized number that can be found under the words "Certified Authentic" which can be found in the middle of the label.

This unique number is for Titleist internal use and will not repeat.

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The words "Genuine Authentic" appear as wallpaper at a 45 degree angle when looking at the label through a polarized film. The wallpaper will also change when rotated.

This can also be viewed with some types of polarized sunglasses.

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Check the club with a magnet. Most clubs are made of tungsten or titanium. If the magnet does not stick, it is likely you have a genuine club, but check the other tips to confirm.

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A fine finish and the correct font detail on this new Titleist club identify it as a genuine Titleist A2 club.

Titleist clubs are forged, not cast which often leave pits indicative of a poor quality casting.

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A poor quality casting and incorrect font (note the "flat T" in "Titleist" are the giveaway in this counterfeit Titlist club.


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