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Edited: Apr 02, 2017

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If someone else rebuilds/remanufactures an aircraft around the recovered aircraft identification data plate, the aircraft is a counterfeit and is not a Bell.

Bell is committed to quality and therefore is concerned that operators have and use genuine Bell helicopters. Counterfeit aircraft which are called a Bell helicopter may not have that same quality. Aircraft accident investigations are conducted by the appropriate government investigative agency. This agency investigation report includes the aircraft damage incurred which is typically either minor, substantial, or destroyed. If the damage is minor or substantial, the aircraft can be repaired using the appropriate manuals, procedures, parts, and jigs. If the aircraft is destroyed, that aircraft cannot be rebuilt except by the manufacturer (defined as the holder of the Production Certificate).

To ensure that you have a genuine Bell aircraft and not a counterfeit Bell, which are classified as destroyed by the appropriate investigative agency are considered to no longer exist as manufactured by Bell. If someone else rebuilds or remanufactures an aircraft around the recovered aircraft identification data plate, the aircraft is a counterfeit and is not a Bell. We did not build it.

The following links are provided as the information is continually updated from Bell Helicopters:

Data plates and serial numbers to avoid:

Destroyed Aircraft As Determined By Official Government Sources:

Preliminary list of recent accidents:


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Recommended Action:

Bell requests that the certification authority remove the aircraft serial number from the Type Certificate Data Sheet for each aircraft determined by the investigating government agency to have been destroyed..

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