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How to identify counterfeit Oakley Sunglasses

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Edited: Mar 31, 2017

Product Information:

Look for the words "Made in U.S.A." on the inside of the stems. These can be either painted or engraved, depending on model.

The weight of the glasses is a giveaway. Oakleys are made of durable metals and alloys. Fake Oakleys are often made of plastics and cheaper metals, making them lighter


Fakes Reported By Our Users:
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eBay 28 Apr 11, 2017  
Facebook 4 Sep 07, 2016  
internet vendor 9 Apr 22, 2017  
swap meet 1 Nov 10, 2012  
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Warnings / Hazards:

Fake Oakley glasses have substandard lenses that can cause serious vision and UV damage to you eyes.

Recommended Action:

Report a fake to Oakley:

[email protected]

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Contact the Company:

1 Icon Foothill Ranch

Foothill Ranch, CA 92610

United States

(949) 951-0991

[email protected]  

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