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Walmart Still Selling Counterfeits Despite Complaints

Walmart's credibility at risk after fakes found on the website.

March 28, 2017, Los Angeles, CA – Walmart has a counterfeit problem. Both Walmart, and outside sellers who Walmart allows to list on Walmart's website, are selling counterfeit items.

Walmart's global name recognition and consumer perceived credibility is a significant advantage in marketing (and profiting) from consumer purchases. Consumers place their confidence in, and rely on Walmart's credibility to purchase authentic goods. But, sometimes that confidence is misplaced.

Unknown to many consumers, outside sellers can list and sell products on the Walmart website. Alarmingly, counterfeit products appear right next to authentic items conveying Walmart's endorsement and the illusion they are from Walmart.

The Counterfeit Report®, a popular consumer advocate and authorized agent for trademark holders and manufacturers has repeatedly found and submitted complaints to Walmart for counterfeit items found on its website. Yet months later, some of the items remain.

Despite calls to Walmart's Director of Trust And Safety & Compliance, Nicholas Waldman, and multiple calls to Walmart Customer Service, including supervisors and escalation support managers, no one contacted at Walmart could identify a counterfeit support policy, process or website link to report counterfeits -- hardly an acceptable customer service experience or customer protection effort by the global retail giant.

For example; The Counterfeit Report found several listings for counterfeit 64GB microSDHC® computer flash memory cards on Walmart’s website. The microSDHC® trademark is owned by SD-3C, LLC, who confirms “Products bearing the microSDHC® trademark with capacities above 32GB (e.g. 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB etc.) are all fake products.” The microSDHC® format is defined in version 2.0 of the SD specification, supporting cards with capacities up to 32GB. In other words, any item above 32GB is a fake. There is no such authentic microSDHC® product in any manufacturer's authentic product line.

The counterfeit 64GB microSDHC® memory cards below are offered by Walmart direct and an outside seller -- but no such product exists in the microSDHC® standard.

fake Walmart 5pk microSDHC

Consumers cannot determine the actual memory capacity of a counterfeit memory card by simply viewing the capacity displayed on their computer, phone or camera. The counterfeiters are too smart for that, and simply overwrite the real memory capacity with a false capacity to match any capacity they print on the counterfeit packaging and card.

The removable microSD memory storage card is an amazing, convenient and trouble-free storage device. When it works, it is unnoticed. When you get a fake, it will be the very core of your frustration, despair and pain – your data will likely disappear and your equipment may be damaged.

e-Commerce websites including eBay, Amazon and now Walmart have become ideal and successful platforms for counterfeiters and dishonest sellers to distribute $1.7 trillion in counterfeit products in the U.S.

Companies that facilitate criminal activity and benefit from the proceeds of dishonest actions that impact jobs, consumer safety and public trust create a public perception of deception with impunity. However, reputation damage is only a small part of the problem: counterfeiting costs U.S. manufacturers over $250 billion, U.S. workers over 750,000 jobs, and supports criminals and terrorists, while manufacturer's brand integrity is tarnished or destroyed.

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