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eBay Consumers Receive 160,000 Fake Computer Memory Cards

Despite complaints, eBay continues to sell counterfeits.

April 18, 2017, Los Angeles, CA – It's a simple scam, take a low capacity memory card costing a few cents and reprint it with a higher capacity label and a globally recognized trademark. Sell the items as authentic products on eBay for up to $100.00 or more.

The problem is that anybody, anywhere, can sell just about anything on eBay, including fake computer memory cards - items that don't even exist in any manufacturer's authentic product line.

It's no bigger than your fingernail, but this tiny replaceable memory card holds your data, photos and contacts in your phone, camera, iPad, tablet, laptop and GPS. However, it's a fake and you are likely to lose your data, images, and you may damage your equipment. If you are planning a purchase to save irreplaceable photos or documents, buy wisely.

Could you identify this 64GB microSDHC® card as a fake? If you can't, you may lose a massive amount of data.

fake microSDHC

In addition to the counterfeit trademarks shown, is eBay's illusory claim "You can't list replicas, fakes, counterfeits, or other illegal copies on eBay" - but that is not true. The fact is that counterfeits, fakes and replicas can be, and are, easily listed on eBay by unvetted sellers from all over the world.

Alarmingly, eBay does not notify consumers they purchased a counterfeit item even when eBay is informed by the manufacturer. Buyers, of course, would be then be entitled to a refund under eBay's "Money Back Guarantee." However, eBay does send direct email solicitations to buy the counterfeit, fake and replica items.

The Counterfeit Report, a consumer advocate and watchdog, reported 1,346,606 infringing micro SD® items to eBay in just the past year, authorized by the trademark holders. eBay listings show that 164,730 counterfeits had already been sold to eBay consumers. Despite the reports, even sellers with over 100 counterfeit listings remained on eBay.

Consumers cannot determine the actual memory capacity of a counterfeit memory card by simply viewing the capacity displayed on their computer, phone or camera. The counterfeiters are too smart for that, and simply overwrite the real memory capacity with a false capacity to match any capacity they print on the counterfeit packaging and card. A free downloadable test program (H2TESTW.exe) will easily tell you the real capacity of your card. The microSDHC® memory cards purchased from eBay and tested by The Counterfeit Report had actual capacities of 7GB or less, just a fraction of their stated capacity. It was not uncommon for some counterfeit cards to fail during the test as unusable. When the counterfeit memory cards reach their actual capacity, they erase and overwrite any existing user data.

Shown below are just some of the counterfeit microSD® memory cards listed or purchased on eBay. See The Counterfeit Report website for a more extensive list. All microSDHC® cards with capacities above 32GB are fake - there is no such product in any manufacturer's authentic product line.

fake microSD memory

(photos: The Counterfeit Report®)

The micro SD® trademark is owned by SD-3C, LLC, who licenses its use. None of the items shown are authentic licensed products. The fake cards may also tout certification from the FCC, CE, VCCI, and NATA leading you to believe that the card meets certification standards. And, of course, there is no manufacturer to honor any warranty.

The removable micro SD memory storage card is an amazing, convenient and trouble-free storage device. When it works, it is unnoticed. When you get a fake, it will be the very core of your frustration, despair and pain – and your data may be gone.

If you are going to trust your data and photos to a micro SD® card, be sure to buy authentic memory cards from authorized retailers or directly from the manufacturer. Counterfeit products are a serious problem for e-commerce websites and consumers. With many retailers matching website prices, consumers are better served and protected purchasing from authorized retailers.

If eBay wants to maintain any consumer trust, they need to cleanse dishonest and fraudulent sellers and close counterfeit loopholes. Web platforms that facilitate criminal activity and benefit from the proceeds of dishonest actions which impact jobs, consumer safety and public trust create a public perception of deception and impunity. However, reputation damage is only a small part of the problem: counterfeiting costs U.S. manufacturers over $250 billion, and U.S. workers over 750,000 jobs.

Consumer Recourse

If you received any fake product, always retain the item as proof of your counterfeit claim and notify eBay immediately at (866) 540-3229. Open a refund claim under eBay's "Money Back Guarantee."

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