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D'Addario: Strings

Recently, there has been a rash of counterfeit D'Addario products being sold throughout the world. Unscrupulous merchants have copied D'Addario packaging and product designs carefully and are illegally and unethically trading on D'Addario's 300+ year heri   (more...)
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UGG Australia: Boots

The images below illustrate common features you can sometimes spot on counterfeit UGG products. Keep in mind that it's very difficult to identify fake products on websites. Counterfeiters copy the UGG website, logos, product images and product descript   (more...)
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SanDisk: microSDXC (microSD) Memory Cards

According to reports from Sandisk, one third of all memory cards on the market are counterfeit. Many buyers of counterfeit products find that branded SanDisk cards are actually re-branded inferior quality cards or cards of smaller capacity. All genuine   (more...)
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Oxycodone, Hydrocodone: Fentanyl Counterfeits

A dangerous and deadly counterfeit is being distributed as both Oxycodone, also known as dihydroxycodeinone, and Hydrocodone, also known as dihydrocodeinone -- both semi-synthetic opioids. Each is marketed under various brand names such as Oxycontin, P   (more...)
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Violectric: HPA V181 Headphone Amplifiers

The HPA V181 was developed with the target to enable ultimate transmission quality for low- medium- and high-impedance headphones. These may also be balanced versions! So, HPA V181 is the first balanced headphone amp manufactured in series and coming from   (more...)
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Hewlett Packard: Printer Cartridges

Although counterfeiters may sell products that look like Original HP cartridges, they can't match the quality of an Original HP cartridge. Not only do counterfeits cheat you out of your money, potential risks of using these cartridges include poor quality   (more...)

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