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Hakko: 936 Safe Soldering Stations

Recent reports indicate counterfeit copies of the popular (now discontinued) Hakko 936 soldering stations are appearing on internet sites and a report on Amazon Marketplace.
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Toyota USA: Replacement Brake Pads

A Toyota Dealer Counterfeit Product Bulletin identifies counterfeit Toyota brake pads designed to fit every HiLux sold over the past 10 years -- a fleet of more than 400,000 vehicles, and more than 100,000 Hiace delivery vans and commuter buses over the s   (more...)
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Fake: Concert, Sports and Theater Tickets

The secondary ticket market is a multi-billion dollar industry and a haven for counterfeiters and thieves. A secondary market includes any seller or broker who isn't authorized or doesn't have the authority to issue the ticket. Consumers need to be aware   (more...)
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Giacomini SPA: A156 Fire Valves

The following is a notification from UL LLC (UL) and Underwriters Laboratories of Canada Inc. (ULC) that the fire valve identified bears counterfeit certification marks for the United States and Canada. The valve has not been evaluated by UL or ULC to the   (more...)
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Ergobaby: Organic Baby Carriers

Our goal is to help you to be aware of how to avoid purchasing counterfeit Ergobaby Carriers and products that are being sold to unsuspecting buyers as genuine Ergobaby products. Ergobaby wants all babies and toddlers to be carried safely, and for you to   (more...)
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Sharpie: Fine Point Markers

Sharpie makes a fine product. "Sharpie" was originally a name designating a permanent marker launched in 1964 by the Mason Sargent Ink Company. The Sharpie also became the first pen-style permanent marker Both counterfeit, and look alike Sharpi   (more...)

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