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Ethicon Endo-Surgery: Ligaclip Extra Ligating Clip Cartridges

June 8, 2012 - Ethicon Endo-Surgery (EES) recently became aware of the distribution of counterfeit LIGACLIP EXTRA LIGATING CLIP CARTRIDGES (Product Code LT300). Because EES did not manufacture these products, we cannot confirm the performance, mechanica   (more...)
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Various: Extra Virgin Olive Oils

The quest to buy quality olive oil may be much more challenging than you might think. The European Union ("EU") produces about three-quarters of the world's olive oil a year, about 2.3 million tons. It's the job of the International Olive Counci   (more...)
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Auto Meter: Sport Comp II Tachometers

Counterfeit products are an issue for all manufacturers. Counterfeits exist in all geographical markets, and in all product segments. In a worst case, a counterfeit part could fail and cause serious damage to your engine. Cheap, low-priced, poorly constr   (more...)
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Nikon: ML-L3 Remote Releases

Nikon has confirmed the existence of counterfeit Nikon ML-L3 Remote releases. On the counterfeit product, the raised surface around the shutter release button is not as defined, the color if different, and the logo is different than the authentic Nikon   (more...)
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Supra: Justin Bieber Skytop Shoes

The iconic and highly imitated Supra Skytop design is now fraudulently marketed as a "Justin Bieber SkyTop" shoe on various internet websites and auction site including eBay. Supra has confirmed that Supra does not make a "Justin Bieber&quo   (more...)
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GReddy: Type RS Blow Off Valves

Recently it has been brought to our attention that there are a few dishonest merchants on eBay and a number of China websites that are selling counterfeit GReddy Type RS Blow Off Valves to unsuspecting customers. These inferior counterfeit products have   (more...)

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