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Stihl: MS 440 Chain Saws

STIHL warns about imitations Take care: what looks like a bargain may turn out to be very expensive, as the low price of counterfeit chain saws goes hand in hand with shorter life, less power and reduced safety. However counterfeits are not always offer   (more...)
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Microsoft: Windows Software

Many Microsoft products on CD and DVD include holographic security features to help ensure you receive authentic product and to protect against counterfeiting. Microsoft packaged software products such as Windows, Office, and Windows Server come on a ho   (more...)
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Bowflex: 552 Dumbell Set

Counterfeiters profit by creating and selling deceptive branded products, often to unsuspecting consumers. While the companies that sell well-known branded products are the obvious and direct victims of counterfeiting, this illicit activity also poses a r   (more...)
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Oakley: Sunglasses

Look for the words "Made in U.S.A." on the inside of the stems. These can be either painted or engraved, depending on model. The weight of the glasses is a giveaway. Oakleys are made of durable metals and alloys. Fake Oakleys are often made o   (more...)
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British Petroleum: Fraudulent Claims

BP is meeting its commitment to Gulf Coast communities by paying legitimate claims stemming from the Deepwater Horizon accident. Within weeks of the Deepwater Horizon accident, BP began paying compensation for legitimate claims for damages resulting from   (more...)
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The North Face: Denali Jackets

The North face Denali Jacket is a highly counterfeited North Face Product. If you choose to buy from an unauthorized dealer, you assume the likelihood of getting a counterfeit product. You cannot determine an authentic Denali Jacket from a stock (catalog   (more...)

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