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The North Face: Denali Jackets

The North face Denali Jacket is a highly counterfeited North Face Product. If you choose to buy from an unauthorized dealer, you assume the likelihood of getting a counterfeit product. You cannot determine an authentic Denali Jacket from a stock (catalog   (more...)
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ByteCC: UL Mark - Cat 6 Plenum Ethernet Cables

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is warning consumers that the communications cable identified bears a counterfeit UL Mark for the United States and may pose a hazard. The communications cable has not been evaluated by UL to the appropriate Standard for S   (more...)
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Monster: T1 Tron Daft Punk Headphones

Like many premium products, Monster products are being counterfeited and sold at flea markets and on popular auction and other e-company Websites, usually at extremely reduced prices. If a price for a product being sold as Monster product from a non-autho   (more...)
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Security Defender: Firewall, Malware & Virus Alerts

The popup "Security Defender Firewall Alert!" or "Threat Detected Security Alert!" would strike fear into even the most seasoned of computer users. But this malware popup alert is a FAKE -- a scam designed to get you to buy anti-viru   (more...)
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Canon: CA-590 Power Adapters

Counterfeit accessories, such as battery packs, battery chargers and AC adapters, intended for use with Canon camera or video camcorder products, are not equipped with protective devices that meet Canon's designated quality standards. As a result, when   (more...)
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Titleist: Pro V1 Golf Balls

Lately there has been an increase of counterfeit golf products making their way into the marketplace. While Titleist has a program to aggressively pursue those who engage in these practices, some counterfeit products find their way into the marketplace, e   (more...)

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