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Amazon Counterfeit Practices Put Consumers at Risk

Feb 16, 2017 - By TCR Press Release
Amazon has a counterfeit problem. Amazon claims “Customers trust that they can always buy with confidence on Amazon.com” - but that’s not true. The fact is that counterfeit and replicas are sold on Amazon.
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eBay Faces a Credibility Problem

Feb 14, 2017 - By TCR Press Release
Consumers should have confidence and expect authentic, safe products when they shop on eBay, but that’s not what happens.
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eBay Won't Tell Buyers - You Bought a Fake

Feb 10, 2017 - By TCR Press Release
Consumers would expect that eBay will notify them when eBay learns they purchased a counterfeit, dangerous or potentially deadly product from their website. But that doesn't happen.
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Amazon Fake FBI and Secret Service Badges Endanger the Public

Feb 06, 2017 - By TCR Press Release
It is shocking that Amazon would engage in a particularly serious threat to national security, consumer safety and public confidence by making fake FBI, Secret Service, and other replica police badges available on its website.
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Walmart Caught (again) Selling Counterfeits

Feb 01, 2017 - By TCR Press Release
Walmart was caught again selling counterfeit items on its website. Authentic 64GB microSDHC computer flash memory doesn't exist, but two listings were found on Walmart's website.
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Counterfeits Flourish on Amazon, eBay and Alibaba

Jan 31, 2017 - By TCR Press Release
All sorts of dirty things are involved in counterfeiting; terrorism, child labor exploitation, kidnapping, money laundering and organized crime, yet e-commerce sites reap billions in revenue and profit from transaction fees
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man pleads guilty to posing as cop, owning bogus badges   external link

Jan 26, 2017 - By AP
Authorities say a 26-year-old western New York man has admitted to posing as a police officer during a traffic stop with a real cop.
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eBay User Feedback, Fact or Fiction?

Jan 24, 2017 - By TCR Press Release
eBay User Feedback should provide accurate and valuable insight into the Buyers and Sellers involved in eBay transactions based on ratings and comments left by their trading partners -- but it doesn't.
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U.S. Postal Service Loses Millions Delivering China Counterfeits

Jan 17, 2017 - By TCR Press Release
If you want to sell counterfeit products, you get a big boost from a postage agreement between China and the U.S. Government. Deep postage discounts are available when shipping counterfeit goods from China to the United States.
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What Trump doesn't know about Alibaba's jobs pledge   external link

Jan 10, 2017 - By Ari Levy
"Jack Ma is great at PR and Trump is a sucker for anybody who kisses his whatever," said Harley Lewin, a partner at New York law firm McCarter & English.

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