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Star: N9500 Cell Phones

The Star N9500, a low-cost Android-powered 8-megapixel smartphone, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S4, has been reported to have Trojan-horse malware called Usupay.D installed in the phones Google Play App Store. The Wall Street Journal reported that G Da   (more...)
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Canada Goose: Parkas

Like many world-leading brands, Canada Goose's success has led to their products being copied by counterfeiters. Unfortunately, it's all too frequent that consumers ask if a counterfeit website is real, or a story is reported about someone who accidentall   (more...)
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Yonex: Badminton Racquets

Illegal imitations of YONEX badminton equipment can be found everywhere! There are many imitations of YONEX equipment found on internet auction sites. Many of them are crude copies that break easily, injuring you or causing damage to your surroundings.   (more...)
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Nikon: MH-53 Battery Charger

It has come to our attention that counterfeit Nikon accessories are sold in various countries around the world. Counterfeit accessories may not be equipped with safety mechanisms such as the protection device. When these counterfeit products are used or   (more...)
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Monster: Audio and Video Cables

Many unauthorized dealers and internet websites, including eBay sell counterfeit and fake Monster products. These counterfeit cables and headphones do not meet the Monster standards and may easily break causing damage to your equipment. For example, many   (more...)
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TriQuest: UL Mark - USB 2.0 Cable Model 60-0302

USB 2.0 Cable Model 60-0302 TriQuest Cat 5E Patch Cable Model 60-0102. Northbrook, IL - March 28, 2012 - UL is notifying consumers, retailers and distributors that the USB and Patch Cables identified below bear an unauthorized UL Mark on the product pack   (more...)

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