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Breo: iPalm 520 Hand Massagers

Breo has confirmed that counterfeit versions of Breo Massagers are being manufactured and sold, by unauthorized distributors, to unsuspecting customers in various regions around the world. Distinguishing authentic from counterfeit can be difficult, many   (more...)
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Wall Street Journal: Subscription Offers

This is to alert consumers to a nationwide scam that has affected subscribers to many publications including the Wall Street Journal. A number of subscribers have received fraudulent offers from companies asking them to start or renew The Wall Street Jour   (more...)
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Otterbox: Samsung Galaxy Defender Cases

OtterBox is the #1 seller of cases for smartphones. But, along with success comes imitation and Otterbox is no exception. The Otterbox Defender is a highly counterfeited item available through internet websites. OtterBox manufactures rugged cases for Sam   (more...)
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Bayer: Advantage Pet Products

Foreign-labeled flea and tick products are being unlawfully imported into the U.S. and packaged in retail cartons that look like legitimate EPA-registered pesticides under the trade names "Advantage". Affected Product: Advantage 10 for Dogs (EP   (more...)
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Novartis: Lamisil Products

Lamisil (terbinafine) is an anti fungal antibiotic. Lamisil is used to treat infections caused by fungus. This warning is specific to infringement of the Novartis Lamisil and Lamisil AT word marks and Lamisil service mark. Anti fungal treatment prod   (more...)
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Jimmy Choo: Womens Pump Shoe

Jimmy Choo is a British high fashion house specializing in luxury shoes, designer bags, and accessories. Jimmy Choo began Jimmy Choo Couture Limited in late 2006 to continue his work on the exclusive Jimmy Choo Couture line, which is produced under licen   (more...)

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