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Titleist: AP2 712 Irons

Titleist AP2 irons are some of the most copied clubs on the market today. Acushnet Company vigorously protects its intellectual property. To combat this threat, Acushnet is launching a worldwide security label program as the next step in the fight agains   (more...)
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Ralph Lauren: Polo EDT Colognes

Celebrating the timeless appeal of the sporting lifestyle, Ralph Lauren's legendary Polo fragrance blends the very best of wood, leather and other natural scents to convey a handsome, enduring character. Unfortunately Polo EDT is also a popular product w   (more...)
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US Secret Service: Money & Paper Bills

The public has a role in maintaining the integrity of U.S. currency. You can help guard against the threat from counterfeiters by becoming more familiar with United States currency. Look at the money you receive. Compare a suspect note with a genuine not   (more...)
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True Religion: Jeans

True Religion Brand Jeans has received numerous complaints from customers who have purchased counterfeit jeans on eBay, websites, jean parties or other unauthorized sellers that were sold as authentic. True Religion Brand Jeans takes counterfeiting seri   (more...)
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Power Fist: UL Mark - 50 ft Work Lights

Consumers and retailers are being notified that the Power Fist 50ft work light string identified at the left and below bears a counterfeit UL Mark for the United States and Canada. The Power Fist 50ft work light string has not been evaluated by UL to t   (more...)
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ARP: Bolts

While there have yet to be counterfeit or copycat fasteners found actually stamped "ARP" -- fasteners with the ARP trademarked "2000" branding have been found. These copycat bolts have plagued ARP and likely been responsible for equ   (more...)

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