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Apple: A1265 USB iPhone Chargers

Recent reports have suggested that some counterfeit and third party USB adapters may not be designed properly and could result in safety issues. While not all third party adapters have an issue, Apple announced a USB Power Adapter Take-back Program to ena   (more...)
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Adidas: Derrick Rose Shoes

D Rose changes every court he touches, and the men's Adidas Rose 3.5 shoes helps him do it. The basketball shoes have a lightweight synthetic leather upper and feature SPRINTWEB and SPRINTFRAME support and EVA cushioning. This popular and highly rated ba   (more...)
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Bushnell: Binoculars

It has been brought to our attention that replica items (copies & fakes), together with Grey Imports have become widely available across the internet. These products are often listed at very attractive prices in order to draw people's attention; howe   (more...)
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Talavera Hair Products: Split-Ender Products

The Split-Ender, a product by Splendor Products, Inc. and made popular through infomercials earlier on 2003, and hit retail locations only months after. It took no time at all though for counterfeiters to ride on the success of this inventive hair product   (more...)
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Iain Sinclair: Cardsharp2 folding safety knives

Cardsharp2 is Iain Sinclair's popular super-light and super-sharp utility knife, and only the size of a credit card. The Cardsharp2 folding safety knife is a major hit, but unfortunately it is also a major hit with counterfeiters. Counterfeit Cardsharp2   (more...)
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Fastenal: Square Washers

Counterfeit Fastenal square washers have been found in the same box with authentic washers. Authentic washers have the "Fastenal" branding and part number.

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