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Paul Mitchell: Shampoo and Hair Care Products

When you buy Paul Mitchell products online or at mass retail stores, Paul Mitchell can't guarantee they're the real deal. Diverted products are a problem in the beauty industry. Paul Mitchell advises that professional salon products sold in grocery store   (more...)
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Monster: NCredible NTune On-Ear Headphones

Like many premium products, Monster products are being counterfeited and sold at flea markets and on popular auction and other e-company websites including eBay, usually at extremely reduced prices. Counterfeit Monster products do not meet the high stand   (more...)
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NYPD: Detective Badges

I get asked about these a lot. You can never be too sure when a badge is presented, and counterfeit NYPD badges are all over. The badge shown at the left is a counterfeit. It is actually a copy of the movie badge used in the Die Hard Movie by John McCla   (more...)
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Lenovo: Y1011 Tablets

Counterfeit products are replicas of the real products, designed to take advantage of the superior value and reputation of the real product. Fake products are products that do not exist in the manufacturer's product line, but are represented as the authen   (more...)
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Ritchey: Bicycle Accessories

Often times you can quickly determine a product is a fake because it is visibly different in design, graphics or finish than anything shown on the website. However, counterfeiters are getting better at copying Ritchey products and   (more...)
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Digital Signal Power Manufacturer: UL Mark - Emergency Lighting Inverter

The following is a notification from UL to distributors, contractors, regulatory agencies, and authorities having jurisdiction that the emergency lighting inverters identified bear counterfeit UL Marks for the United States and Canada. The emergency li   (more...)

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