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Minelab: GPX series detectors

Driven by high demand for Minelab's genuine products, there is currently a strong global black market in unauthorized copies of popular Minelab products. As part of the GENUINE MINELAB; GENUINE PERFORMANCE; STOP COUNTERFEITS campaign, we are working to k   (more...)
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Insight Technologies: M6 Tactical Laser Illuminator

The M6 is the most popular tactical illuminator/laser combination available today and is widely used for both law enforcement and personal defense because of its lightweight design and reputation for rugged reliability. The M6's Xenon bulb delivers a pea   (more...)
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EOtech: 553 Holographic Weapon Sights

Unscrupulous overseas manufacturers and criminal elements in the United States are selling counterfeit L-3 EOTech Holographic Weapon Sights to consumers, as well as police officers and soldiers. The counterfeiters closely replicated the outside appearan   (more...)
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Ralph Lauren: Polo EDT Colognes

Celebrating the timeless appeal of the sporting lifestyle, Ralph Lauren's legendary Polo fragrance blends the very best of wood, leather and other natural scents to convey a handsome, enduring character. Unfortunately Polo EDT is also a popular product w   (more...)
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Nike: Air Max Shoes

How to identify a counterfeit Nike Airmax
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Jacques Selosse: Champagnes

According to the publications Fine Wine Insider and the Wine Spectator, thieves stole thousands of bottles of Champagne from the prized Champagne house Jacques Selosse. At the same time, 16,000 front labels and 12,000 neck labels were stolen, along with   (more...)

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